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Man faces charges after giving officers hidden syringes

There are unusual cases involving drugs all the time, and some of them are borderline unbelievable. As someone who faces drug charges, you probably know that denying that you know anything or simply staying quiet is usually beneficial for your case. However, if the media gets a hold of your story, it could draw attention to your case.

Take, for example, this story of a man from Clearwater. The Jan. 8 report describes a man who claims he did not own three syringes that were found inside his body during a strip search at the Pinellas County Jail.

He, a 40-year-old man, claims that the syringes that he willingly removed for officers were not his. He allegedly knew that there would be legal consequences if drugs were discovered in his possession.

As a result of his unusual circumstances, the man now faces several charges including possessing marijuana, possessing drugs without a prescription and possessing drugs without a prescription while intending to sell them. He also faces a felony charge for contraband inside the county detention facility.

Honesty can be a good policy, but this case shows that it can lead to penalties as well. If you are arrested or facing charges, it’s a better idea to get know the charges and to talk to your attorney about the steps you should take to resolve them fairly. No two cases are exactly alike, so there may be options for you that you hadn’t heard of before. The right help can reduce the likelihood of unfair treatment or bias in court or jail.


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