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Firefighter accused of DUI, bitten by K-9 search

In some cases where a DUI is claimed, it’s not clear if that’s the real reason why a person was acting as if they were intoxicated. There are medical conditions that mimic drunken behavior, and there could be other reasons for DUI-like actions.

Take, for example. a case out of Palm Beach County. A firefighter was accused of a DUI, but he would not allow a breath test. His vehicle did contain cannabis and alcohol, however.

During the incident, the man, driving a Dodge Ram 2500, hit four vehicles and ran from the scene. A police dog later caught him, biting his buttocks. The 38-year-old man was involved in the collisions at approximately 8:30 p.m.

At the scene, paramedics were treating an injured person involved in the crash. A K-9 search was taking place on the ground with a helicopter above. The firefighter was allegedly running from the scene, caught only after he was found partially hiding behind a bush.

A witness claimed that the man hit traffic waiting at a red light “like a train.” The man’s vehicle had heavy damage including front-end damage and two missing front tires. His vehicle had a cooler of alcoholic beverages, firearms, pill bottles and cannabis, all of which do not look good to police.

The firefighter faces several charges including reckless driving, DUI first offense, leaving the scene of an accident involving nonserious injuries and several others.

It’s important not to judge someone based on the scene of an accident. The investigation has to be completed before any findings should be released. If you’re in a crash like this, remember that you do have a right to protect your name throughout the case.


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