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Unfair traffic stops can lead to case dismissals

A DUI record puts you in a bad position as a driver. It shows that you’re willing to take risks. It could mean that you’re unable to maintain your license. If you do work that requires a commercial driver’s license or another form, you could lose your job.

DUIs have a major impact on people’s lives when they occur. They cost thousands of dollars, and there is a risk of imprisonment in some cases. The good news is that most people can defend against the charges.

What’s one way to defend against DUI charges?

One of the most basic ways is to look into the reason for the traffic stop. If you were pulled over but did not break the law, then the officer may not have had the legal right to stop you. Officers usually need reasonable suspicion or probable cause to stop a driver. For instance, if you’re weaving in the roadway, then it would make sense for an officer to pull you over. However, if you did nothing to provoke a stop, then an officer would not have a right to stop you.

What can you do if you don’t think an officer had a right to stop your vehicle?

It’s best to stop, even if you don’t think the officer has a right to pull you over. However, you don’t have to give the officer access to your vehicle. You also don’t need to answer any questions. If the officer wants you to perform field sobriety tests or to take a breath test, it’s usually better that you do, but the lack of a reason for a stop could help eliminate any evidence against you regardless of the outcome.


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