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Quartet Of St. Pete Men May Face Murder Charges After Woman Hit By Allegedly Stolen Car Dies


Four St. Petersburg men may soon be facing homicide charges after a woman the vehicle they allegedly struck succumbed to her injuries.

Per the St. Petersburg police, Yalanda Speights was a passenger in a PT Cruiser being driven by her mother on November 24 when it was struck by a vehicle at the intersection of 18th Avenue S and 25th Street S. Police say the vehicle, an allegedly stolen Hyundai Sonata, slammed into their vehicle, sending both women to the hospital. The four men within the Sonata were lightly injured.

Speights was taken to Bayfront Health St. Petersburg, where she was placed in critical condition. Though doctors attempted to heal her broken body, her injuries proved mortal on December 1, seven days after the accident.

Upon investigating, police learned that an individual reported to an officer on patrol a group of several men pointing guns at an individual. The officer says he later witnessed the Sonata traveling down 18th Avenue S at a high rate of speed, but he did not give chase at the time. The Sonata allegedly initiated the fatal accident shortly after.

At present, the four men, of which one is 20 years old, two are 19 years old, and the fourth is 18 years old, are all facing felony grand theft of a motor vehicle. Two of the four also face charges relating to violations of their probation.

As Speights ultimately passed away from her injuries, Pinellas County authorities are considering homicide charges for some or all of the four men.

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