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Holiday Man Arrested On Christmas For Attempted Murder After Argument Over Nude Photos


A Holiday man was arrested for attempted murder on Christmas after his housemate told authorities that he attempted to stab him to death at the culmination of an argument over explicit photos.

Pinellas County authorities say the 30-year-old suspect became involved in an argument with his housemate, with whom he had been living for a mere three days, after the suspect showed him photos of his girlfriend in a state of undress.

Per investigators, the suspect spoke to his girlfriend on the phone prior to the argument. In the course of the conversation, the housemate allegedly revealed that he had seen the photographs in question to the suspect’s girlfriend and, per the suspect, made offensive comments about her appearance.

At this point, per authorities, the suspect ended the call, retrieved a pair of knives from his room, and assailed the housemate. Allegedly telling the housemate that he was to die in short order, the suspect proceeded to slash the housemate, ultimately stabbing him seven times, cutting him several more, and breaking his nose.

The suspect allegedly then called his girlfriend back, and she convinced him to transport the now-wounded housemate to a hospital. He did so, taking him to the Medical Center of Trinity, where the housemate was treated and he was arrested.

The Georgia native was booked into the Pinellas County Jail in the early afternoon of December 25 on a charge of attempted murder. At the time of the alleged incident he was on parole on charges of domestic battery and felony battery. He continues to be held without bail.

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