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Tarpon Springs Man Allegedly Slays Father In Argument Over Family Dog


An argument over the family dog allegedly led a 25-year-old man to fatally shoot his father last week in Tarpon Springs.

Tarpon Springs police say the tragedy began when the man’s dog ate a portion of his father’s medicine and became extremely ill. Upon noticing the situation, father and son took the dog to a nearby animal hospital for treatment, then returned home without a word passing between them.

The pair arrived home, and the father allegedly made a comment to his son that led him to fly into a rage. Per police, the son told them he retrieved a firearm from the bathroom, entered his father’s bedroom, and opened fire. He said the first round struck his father, sending him stumbling backwards. The son said he let loose another round, then froze.

Authorities say the son then placed a call to 9-1-1, explaining that he had just shot his father and detailing his reasoning for the outburst. The son then proceeded unarmed to the home’s driveway and awaited arrest.

Upon their arrival, police say they discovered an empty house, with the father’s bullet-ridden corpse in a third-storey bedroom.

The son was transported to the Pinellas County Jail and booked on a single count of first-degree murder. He is currently being held without bail. Local media indicates that the duo had a serious altercation three years ago, leading to the father’s arrest. He subsequently pled no contest to a charge of disorderly conduct.

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