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Libyan National Designated By OFAC For Alleged Role As Leader Of A Deadly Militia


Last week the Federal government announced sanctions against a Libyan man they accuse of leading a militia that has fomented deadly revolts in Tripoli.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), in conjunction with the United Nations Security Council, levied sanctions on the 61-year-old Misrata native over allegations that the heads the Sumud Brigade militia. Per OFAC and the Security Council, the Sumud Brigade militia has been attacking rival militias aligned with the Government of National Accord, which has, according to OFAC and the Security Council, significantly damaged the country’s peace, security, and stability.

OFAC and the Security Council charge the man in question with being a key player in the rising level of violence in the city. Allegedly upon his arrival in the fall, he called upon allied militias to augment the Sumud Brigade militia’s attacks upon the city, contributing to the continuing chaos and destruction of the capitol city.

In September, the Sumud Brigade militia defied calls by the United Nations for a ceasefire by engaging in violent clashes with opposing militias. Several individuals were killed in the clashes, including ambulance and emergency personnel. OFAC and the Security Council say the Sumud Brigade have also employed Grad rockets in their attacks and in densely-populated areas, contributing to the death and destruction of the attacks.

Prior to his alleged involvement with the Sumid Brigade militia, the individual in question formerly served in Libya’s parliament and was said to be involved in the violent effort to keep his party in power beyond its mandate, which ended in 2014. Actions in which he was allegedly involved as a commander of militia forces yielded tremendous damage to the city and helped spawn a significant displacement of the area’s population.

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