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Pinellas Deputies Say Drunk Driver Initiated Fatal Four-Vehicle Wreck

Pinellas County authorities say alcohol may have been involved in a car accident that killed two individuals and injured a third.

Deputies say Edward Delzer was driving his 2001 Lexus westbound on Park Boulevard with his father, Harvey Vern Delzer, a passenger when they encountered a red traffic signal at 104th Lane at around dusk on July 28.

While stopped, investigators say a 2005 Chevrolet SUV driven by James Harrison Wolf did not stop when it encountered the Delzers’ vehicle, rear-ending their vehicle and pushing it into traffic on the opposite side of the road.

Upon crossing the centerline, the Delzers’ car encountered an oncoming SUV driven by Kelly Ann Shallow, with three other passengers within. The occupants of the SUV emerged from the collision unscathed. However, the Delzers were not as fortunate, as both men perished at the scene of the accident.

Meanwhile, Wolfe’s SUV struck a second vehicle, this one an SUV piloted by Michael Davis Young. Wolfe sustained injuries in this collision and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Charges have not been laid at the time of this writing, but deputies say they suspect alcohol to have been a factor leading to the accident.

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