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Minnesota Woman Accused of Killing Bradenton Woman While Fleeing from Another Murder Investigation Apprehended in South Texas


A woman who allegedly killed a Florida woman to attempt to assume her identity while on the lam from another murder investigation involving her husband was apprehended in Texas last week.

When David Riess’s body was discovered in Minnesota in late March, authorities immediately suspected his wife Lois as perpetrator, sending her on the run. David was absent for over two weeks before his business partner alerted authorities, who subsequently discovered his bullet-ridden body at his home.

On the same day David’s corpse was found, Lois was seen in another part of the state at a casino, where authorities say she spent the day gambling. She became the subject of a nation-wide manhunt shortly after, when the trail ran cold.

According to investigators, Riess resurfaced in the Sunshine State earlier this month, where they say she killed Pamela Hutchinson in Bradenton. Five years her senior, the 54-year-old Riess allegedly intended to assume her identity after killing her with the same firearm they say she used to dispatch her husband weeks earlier.

Riess’s flight from the law ended last week across the Gulf of Mexico in South Padre Island, Texas. United States Marshals caught up with her at a resort on the island, which is about two dozen miles from the border with Mexico, though it is unclear whether she intended to flee across it. When captured, marshals say she was in possession of Hutchinson’s vehicle, driver’s license, and credit cards.

At present, Riess is being held in a south Texas jail awaiting extradition.

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