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Spring Hill Man Charged In Nephew’s Killing At Gambling Establishment


A man called to a gambling establishment in Spring Hill allegedly ended up dead at the hands of his uncle late last week.

Hernando County authorities say Roger Vazquez was acting erratically in the gaming house on the afternoon of September 16th, with witnesses telling officers that he was brandishing a firearm within the business.

As Vazquez was a manager of the establishment, an employee contacted Vazquez’s nephew Raymond Correa who had calmed Vazquez in past incidents. According to authorities, Correa spoke to Vazquez and was initially successful in persuading him to unload and relinquish the firearm he had allegedly been brandishing.

However, due to reasons not known to investigators, Vazquez produced a second firearm and leveled it at Correa. Authorities say they do not know what caused Vazquez to squeeze the trigger, but he did so twice, causing Correa to fall to the ground with a pair of gunshot wounds. Vazquez allegedly fired of more rounds as Correa lay dying.

A second man remained as the business’s customers fled, attempting to talk Vazquez into providing further information on the situation. Vazquez allegedly pointed the gun at him, telling him the situation didn’t involve him. The second man left the premises and alerted 9-1-1.

Officers subsequently arrived at the business and apprehended Vazquez without incident. He was booked into the Hernando County Jail on single counts of homicide and aggravated assault. Vazquez continues to be held in custody in lieu of a bond of $70,000.

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