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Man Arrested In Tampa Sought For August Orlando Slaying


A transient man arrested for sleeping in a vacant home is now the prime suspect in an Orlando murder last month.

Tampa police initially arrested Bobby Lee Story on September 14 after discovering him sleeping in an abandoned home. Story allegedly fled on foot but was apprehended after only a brief chase.

At the time of his arrest by Tampa police, Story had two outstanding warrants – one for allegedly stabbing a man in an argument in Orlando, and another for a separate stabbing in Tampa the night previous.

However, the two alleged assaults are not the only actions for which Story has been sought by Florida authorities, as Orange County police say he is the prime suspect in the August 28th stabbing death of Denise Hayls.

Orange County authorities say a woman spotted two toddlers wandering the street and alerted 9-1-1. Upon arriving at the scene, officers asked the children where they lived, and the children led them to a nearby home. Officers say they encountered Hayls’ mortal remains just inside the front door of the home.

Though Story has yet to be charged for the slaying, Orange County authorities began a search for him soon after discovering Hayls’ body, even offering a reward for information leading to his arrest. Per Orange County authorities, Story has a history of domestic violence incidents involving Hayls.

Story was arrested and booked into the Hillsborough County Jail on charges of burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, resisting an officer without violence, attempted first-degree murder, and an Orange County warrant for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He continues to be held in lieu of a bond of $118,000.

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