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Botched Alleged Home Invasion Leads To Felony Murder Charges For Tampa Man


An alleged burglary that culminated in the death of a Tampa man’s accomplice in the undertaking has resulted in the laying of felony murder charges against him.

Per Hillsborough County authorities, Earnest Eugene Cherry Jr. and Chike Tim broke into a dwelling in late November last year with the intent to commit a felony within, namely the theft of cash and illicit drugs.

Authorities say the 40-year-old Tim approached the Brandon home and forced open the door. Upon entering, he was immediately met with deadly force in the form of a single 9mm round from the homeowner’s pistol. Investigators subsequently found Tim’s remains just inside the front door, with socks over the hands. They say they also found tens of thousands of dollars in cash within, as well as a respectable quantity of contraband drugs.

Upon further investigation, the county says they identified several witnesses who allegedly placed Cherry with Tim earlier in the day as well as witnesses to both sides of a telephonic conversation between the two wherein they discussed the contents of the home they planned to rob that evening.

In addition, investigators say they have tied the white 2005 Pontiac found at the scene to witnesses who say the duo borrowed it earlier in the day.

As the 36-year-old Cherry was allegedly involved in an inherently dangerous felony that resulted in death, prosecutors are pursuing charges of second-degree felony murder. He was arrested and booked into the Hillsborough County Jail on June 18 on the charge, then released with a GPS monitoring unit attached to his ankle after posting a bond of $75,000 the next day.

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