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Tampa Teen Faces Adult Charges in Alleged Street Racing Slayings


Adult charges await a 17-year-old Tampa teen for allegedly engaging in an illicit street race that left two people dead.

According to Hillsborough County authorities, John Alexander Barrineau was driving his Nissan Altima on May 23 when he engaged in an illegal street race with the Ford Mustang piloted by Cameron Herrin on Bayshore Boulevard.

Police say the race ended when Herrin’s Mustang struck Jessica Raubenolt as she was pushing the stroller within which rode her daughter Lillia in a crosswalk. The 24-year-old Raubenolt succumbed to her injuries not long after the incident, while her 2-year-old daughter struggled into the following day before succumbing.

While Herrin is already facing adult charges due to his age, the determination regarding Barrineau’s charges had not been made until last week. He was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail on June 8 on charges of unlawful racing on a highway and two counts of vehicular homicide. He was released after posting a bond of $50,500 the same afternoon, but the United Kingdom native is required to wear a GPS ankle bracelet while out on bond.

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