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St. Pete Man Charged with Felony Murder After Allegedly Attempting to Run Down Indian Shores Officer


Police say a St. Petersburg man attempted to run down a police officer with his car last week, prompting the officer to fire at him prior to being struck.

Stephan Jon Weekley was apprehended after a sizable manhunt earlier last week, as authorities say he fled after attempting to kill Indian Shores Police Officer Matthew Holm. Police say the entire incident began as the result of a traffic stop.

Per Officer Holm, Weekley and another driver drew his attention when they passed him at around 3 A.M. on May 1 on Gulf Boulevard at a speed he estimated to be over double the posted limit of 30 m.p.h. Pulling up behind the 2017 Nissan Altima piloted by Brittney Mikus, he said he stepped from his patrol vehicle and motioned for Weekley, driving a 2013 Mazda 3, to pull to the side as well.

However, according to the officer, Weekley did just the opposite, accelerating and aiming his vehicle at Holm. Fearing that Weekley would not yield, Holm said he drew his pistol and fired at Weekley’s vehicle before it struck him. Still conscious and alert, Holm said he sent more shots after Weekley’s vehicle, ultimately firing four rounds in the course of the entire episode.

After Weekley passed from the range of Holm’s pistol, the officer said he then resorted to his radio. Informing his dispatcher of a description of Weekley’s vehicle, Pinellas County deputies deployed a spike strip that disabled his vehicle, and a helicopter and K-9 units eventually arrested him that evening.

Holm was transported to Largo Medical Center, while Weekley was taken to the Pinellas County Jail. The Washington state native was booked in on a count of attempted felony murder, and he remains there without bond.

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