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Off-Duty Largo Firefighter Facing DUI Charges After Deputies Allegedly Discover Him Asleep at the Wheel


An off-duty Largo firefighter was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving last weekend after police discovered him allegedly fast asleep in his personal vehicle.

Pinellas County deputies say they encountered a 2013 Dodge Dart stopped at Main Street and Bass Boulevard in the pre-dawn hours of May 19th. Per deputies, the vehicle remained motionless despite a green light showing on the traffic signal.

The car failed to move when the cruiser behind it activated its lights and siren, prompting the deputies within to investigate further. Upon reaching the car they say they noticed an unconscious driver behind the wheel. Deputies say it required several knocks on the car’s window to rouse the driver, whom they later identified as Michael Jeovanni Cruz.

Per deputies, Cruz’s vehicle was in gear, but his foot was resting on the brake as well. They say they assisted him in putting the car’s transmission in park before helping him out of the vehicle. Alleging he had bloodshot, glassy eyes and a smell of alcoholic drink on his breath, deputies administered field-sobriety tests on him, which they say he failed. In addition, a breath test for blood-alcohol content allegedly yielded a reading of 0.14%, which is close to twice the level at which Florida law presumes impairment.

Cruz was transported to the Pinellas County Jail later that morning on a single count of DUI. The 26-year-old Largo firefighter was subsequently released on his own recognizance.

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