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Tampa Man Accused of Second-Degree Murder After Allegedly Firing Upon Officers Attempting to Execute Arrest Warrant


Initially sought for arrest on a warrant for firearms and making threats, a Tampa man allegedly wounded an arresting officer before being taken into custody.

Tampa Police Department officers arrived at the home of Walter Richard “Richie” Jeziorski III early on March 19 to serve the warrant in question. According to authorities, Jeziorski initially spoke to the arresting officers upon their arrival. However, they say the talk was interrupted when Jeziorski produced a handgun and began firing at the officers.

The officers say Jeziorski fired at least seven rounds at the now-earnestly retreating officers. One officer sprained an ankle as he retreated, while the other was struck by a round and injured his leg as well. Both were taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital and released shortly thereafter.

Though the officers returned fire, none of their rounds found Jeziorski, and a standoff ensued. Police say Jeziorski’s mother was able to prevail upon him to surrender, which he did a short time later.

Upon being taken into custody, officers say they found a military-style rifle, a handgun, and approximately 300 rounds of ammunition. Per authorities, Jeziorski has had a violent past, with several restraining orders filed on him by family members. They say it is unclear how he came to possess firearms in light of the restraining orders.

Jeziorski was booked into Hillsborough County Jail later that morning on two charges of attempted second-degree murder of a law officer, one charge of written threats to kill, one charge of making threatening phone calls, and one charge of possessing a firearm while under injunction. He is being held without bond.

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