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St. Pete Man Charged with Felony Murder After Deadly Altercation in Roser Park


St. Petersburg Police say an argument at a local establishment turned deadly when a man introduced a semi-automatic rifle into the mix.

Authorities allege an altercation began at an establishment suspected by some in the Historic Roser Park neighborhood as being a venue for illegal adult entertainment. Though investigators remain tight-lipped regarding the exact cause and nature of the dispute, they say that the outcome saw James Lamar Williams produce an AK-47 rifle and fire at another vehicle.

Police say the rounds fired by Williams struck the vehicle containing two individuals, both of whom sustained wounds from the burst of fire. One passenger, Jermaine Long, was released less than two weeks prior to that evening, but police say the rounds that found him proved to be fatal. Another passenger, whom authorities declined to identify, was also wounded, but no information was made public regarding the severity of his wounds.

According to police, the investigation into the events of the evening continues, with more arrests likely.

The 24-year-old Williams was arrested three nights later and booked into the Pinellas County Jail and booked on a single count of first-degree felony murder. He is being held without bail.

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