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Deputies Apprehend Man on Four-Wheeler Who Dared Them to Give Chase After Fleeing Traffic Stop


A man on a four-wheeler in Defuniak Springs allegedly returned to the spot police say he fled from them earlier that day and told them to come get him prior to being apprehended last week.

Per the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, Aaron Keith Clark was one of a trio of individuals on four-wheelers stopped by deputies on March 26 on a county road for unspecified reasons. While the other two remained in place for the traffic stop, deputies say Clark took a different tack, choosing instead to leave the stop aboard his vehicle.

According to authorities, later in the evening the 24-year-old man returned to the same spot again on his four-wheeler. Deputies say he shouted at the officers to “come and get me” before turning a number of doughnuts in the road and again fleeing.

The deputies were game for a chase, and pursued the again-fleeing Clark. However, before catching up with him the second time, deputies say he turned his four-wheeler and, beer in hand, ran the vehicle directly at them. He managed to evade them a second time, they say.

Shortly thereafter, deputies arrived at Clark’s home and took him into custody. When questioned about the incident later, deputies say Clark professed to have no recollection of the evening’s events, as he drank enough alcohol to cause him to black out.

Clark was booked into the Walton County Jail on one count of reckless driving and one count of fleeing law enforcement. He was released upon posting a bail of $1,000.

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