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Spring Hill Man Allegedly Arrested With a Blood Alcohol Level Quadruple the Limit After Running Down Mailboxes


Florida Highway Patrol troopers say over a dozen mailboxes paid the ultimate price last week when a Spring Hill man ran them down while driving in a state of extreme intoxication.

Authorities say they received complaints from residents of a local apartment complex on March 18 describing a reckless driver in the area. According to the residents, the offending party was driving a Toyota Scion and was later identified as Collin James Daniel.

A subsequent investigation alleged Daniel of driving southbound on Swordfish Lane, striking five mailbox pods in turn, wrecking a total of sixteen individual mail boxes. Investigators say he also knocked over a street sign.

Per the arresting officers, Daniel then left his vehicle and pushed a witness on his way to conceal himself beneath a truck. He then attempted to jump a fence before ultimately taking refuge next to an A/C unit. However, his attempts at hiding were ultimately in vain, as a Hernando County Sheriff’s Office helicopter discovered him and led units on the ground to his location.

Upon being apprehended, Daniel’s eyes were allegedly glassy and officers say his speech was slurred. Daniel is reported to have told the arresting officers that he had been drinking at a nearby tavern and that he claimed responsibility for his actions.

Troopers continued by saying that he fit the description of a drunken individual, as he failed to navigate sobriety tests administered him. They say a subsequent blood-alcohol content test revealed a level of 0.316%, well above Florida’s statutorily-assumed level of intoxication, which is 0.08%.

Daniel was booked into the Hernando County Jail on charges of DUI, DUI with property damage, and battery. He was released upon posting a bond of $1,500.

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