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Miami Woman Faces DUI, Child Neglect Charges After Allegedly Driving Drunk with Child in Car


Allegedly telling the arresting officer that she had been released from rehab a short time before, a Miami woman was arrested on suspicion of DUI after authorities say she drove while intoxicated with her child as a passenger.

Stephanie Roque was passing through Wellington in her SUV last week when a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy says she stopped in the middle of a lane of traffic. Piquing his interest, the deputy contacted dispatch and requested they look up the details of the temporary tags on her vehicle. Upon receiving a response that the driver’s license had been suspended, the deputy initiated a stop.

The deputy alleges that he was greeted with a strong smell of alcohol upon approaching the vehicle. He continued by saying the glassy-eyed woman seemed unable to focus on him, bobbing her head throughout the conversation.

A subsequent conversation with Roque allegedly revealed that she had lately been released from an alcohol rehab program, but the deputy says she changed the date of her release several times. He says he witnessed a twelve-pack of beer on the floor of the back seat, which was missing three beers. The deputy also alleged that the beer was beneath the feet of a child.

After allegedly failing a field-sobriety test, the deputy arrested the 30-year-old woman. Upon being booked into the Palm Beach County Jail, records show test results of her blood-alcohol content registered 0.272% and 0.265%. She was charged with DUI with a minor present, child neglect, and driving with a suspended license. Roque was released upon posting a $4,000 bond.

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