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Tampa Man Holes Up in Apartment After Allegedly Killing Mother’s Boyfriend


A Tampa man hid in his apartment for several hours after allegedly killing his mother’s boyfriend before a SWAT team flushed him out according to Hillsborough County authorities.

Neighbors at the Egypt Lake-Leto apartment complex say trouble has long been brewing between Brian Vessel and Tyler Chase Bardin, the son of his girlfriend. Per local media reports, residents of adjacent apartments say Vessel first abused alcohol and then abused Bardin, a practice that they say had gone on for several years prior to December 28.

Investigators say that fateful Thursday morning would be Vessel’s last, however. According to them, Vessel, who celebrated his 46th birthday the previous day, became argumentative with the 22-year-old Bardin. The report of three shots followed an episode of shouts, they say, and police were summoned to the scene.

Upon their arrival the officers testify that they found Vessel lying mortally wounded. Deputies say they performed a brief search of the apartment but did not discover Bardin within. However, noting the movement of curtains covering the apartment’s windows, authorities called in a negotiating team and later a SWAT team in the late-morning hours.

One flash-bang grenade later, officers witnessed Bardin fleeing the residence at a quarter to noon. Officers failed to apprehend him at the time, but he subsequently engaged an attorney and was booked into Hillsborough County Jail on a single count of evidence tampering on December 30. He posted a bond of $15,000 and was released early on the morning of New Year’s Eve.

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