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Tampa Man Allegedly Attempts to Order a Burrito at Spring Hill Bank While Intoxicated


A Tampa man missed Taco Tuesday by a day and about two blocks when he allegedly attempted to order a burrito at the drive-up window of a Spring Hill bank while intoxicated.

Deputies from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office say Douglas Jon Francisco arrived at a branch of a national bank around five o’clock last Wednesday afternoon, allegedly driving into the drive-through lane in his Hyundai sedan and passing out.

According to deputies, bank employees attempted for an extended period of time to awaken Francisco before they were successful. Upon coming to, Francisco allegedly attempted to order a burrito, evidently under the mistaken impression that he was instead at a branch of a prominent national Tex-Mex fast-food chain two blocks east of the bank.

When bank employees advised Francisco of his mistake, bank employees say he relocated his vehicle to the front parking lot, where deputies found him upon their arrival.

According to deputies, the 28-year-old failed a field-sobriety test and showed indications of intoxication. They say he was also in possession of prescription medication that appeared to have been prescribed to him.

Deputies booked Francisco into the Hernando County Jail later that evening on a single charge of driving under the influence. He was released the next day after posting a bond of $500.

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