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Neighbors’ Ongoing Conflict Allegedly Leads to Murder in Holiday


A months-long conflict came to a head last week in Beacon Square when one neighbor allegedly shot to death another in broad daylight.

Qiu Feng Ke and Edward Tudor had been neighbors for four years prior to the events of January 23, but their relationship seems to have been far from neighborly. According to Qiu, Tudor made a practice of tormenting him with noise and light, intentionally interrupting his sleep. Running water, alarm clocks, loud talking, flood lights – Tudor used all these items to rob him of sleep, claims Qiu.

Month after month it continued, says Qiu, until one day he’d had enough. Allegedly planning to kill both Tudor and himself, Qiu made ready his affairs in the event that he didn’t survive the encounter, including having his will notarized.

After another night of no sleep, Qiu and Tudor had a verbal altercation. Saying that he “just lost it,” Qiu allegedly retrieved a 9mm handgun and burst into Tudor’s home. Authorities say the verbal altercation continued until Qiu began firing. Tudor fled to his front yard, where Qiu allegedly fired the fatal shots into Tudor.

Instead of ending his own life as he’d planned, Qiu was taken into custody and booked into the Pasco County Jail. The 61-year-old native of China is currently being held without bail on a single count of first-degree murder.

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