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Hudson Man Found Guilty in 2014 Quadruple Slaying


A Pasco County jury took less than three hours to find a Hudson man guilty of a quadruple murder three years ago.

Adam Matos told jurors that self-defense and paranoia compelled him to kill Greg Brown, his wife Margaret, their daughter Megan, and her boyfriend Nick Leonard in late August 2014. According to county prosecutors, Matos shot Megan, his ex-girlfriend, and Greg, and they allege that he used a hammer to dispatch Margaret and Nick.

Though the 32-year-old Matos entered a plea of not guilty at the trial’s start, he took the witness stand on Wednesday and confessed to the killings, shocking spectators of the trial. His attorneys returned him to the witness stand yesterday during jury deliberations to preserve his testimony for the coming appellate process.

Matos and Megan Brown knew each other for several years prior to the killings. They met in Pennsylvania, and the Browns convinced him to move to Hudson with them.

Prosecutors say Matos killed all four individuals in the Browns’ home, then stacked their bodies one atop the other next to a roadside berm. Matos’s son, who was four years old at the time and is autistic, was present in the home while he killed the four, including his mother Megan. Matos told the court Wednesday that he was not thinking clearly when he left the boy alone with the four bodies while he went to buy a shovel he intended to use to help him bury the bodies.

The sentencing phase in the Philadelphia native’s trial is scheduled to begin Monday. Prosecutors say they are seeking the death penalty for Matos. He is being held at the Pasco County Jail until after sentence is passed.

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