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Florida Executes Man Convicted of 1991 North Tampa Double Murder


The state of Florida put to death the third individual of the year last week when it carried out the death sentence given to Patrick Charles Hannon on Wednesday.

Florida corrections officials ended Hannon’s life at ten minutes to nine o’clock that evening, strapped to a table in view of the families of Brandon Snider and Robert Carter, the men he was convicted of killing in January 1991.

According to the facts established at Hannon’s trial, he, James Acker, and Ronald Ivan Richardson conspired to kill Snider and Carter, claiming that Snider threatened Toni Acker, James Acker’s sister. Prosecutors say that the trio went to the townhouse shared by Carter and Snider that Thursday evening, killing Snider first. They say Acker committed the deed, stabbing him over a dozen times, followed by Hannon slitting Snider’s throat almost to the point of decapitation.

Investigators say the trio cornered Carter in an upstairs bedroom, and Hannon ended his life with six shots to his chest.

The group was subsequently captured and faced a litany of charges for their alleged role in the slayings. Richardson took a plea deal, trading his testimony against Acker and Hannon for a five-year sentence for being an accessory after the fact to the killings. Acker was convicted of both murders and sentenced to two life sentences. He subsequently won the right to a new trial, where he was again found guilty and sentenced to life plus 22 years.

Governor Rick Scott signed Hannon’s death warrant last month, and his final appeal was denied at 8:30 P.M. last Wednesday, setting the stage for the state to proceed with the task of ending his life. Prior to the start of the process Hannon asserted his innocence to those in attendance, saying that Richardson and Acker carried out the killings for which he was about to die. He also apologized to Carter’s family, lamenting what he characterized as his inability to have done more to save him.

Convicted of the murders at age 26, Hannon spent another 26 years on Florida’s death row prior to his execution. The twelve-minute process to end his life began with an injection of Etomidate, a general anesthesia and sedative. The next drug introduced into his veins was the muscle relaxant rocuronium bromide. Potassium acetate was the final drug administered, which stopped his heart and ended his life.

Hannon was the 95th person executed by the state of Florida since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, the fourth-highest total of any state. Florida trails only Oklahoma (112), Virginia (113), and Texas (545).

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