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St. Pete Adds $500 Fine for Vehicles Impounded in DUI Arrest


The already high cost of a drunk driving arrest became even higher last week after the St. Petersburg City Council added an additional fine for towing and storage of a vehicle driven by individuals charged with DUI.

The new law, which went into effect last Thursday, allows the city to charge up to $500 (plus towing and storage fees) for the return of a vehicle impounded after seizure from an individual suspected of drunk driving. Though the law is now in force, St. Petersburg police are awaiting training on it before beginning to enforce it.

The fine makes a conviction on a charge of drunk driving an even more expensive proposition, boosting the typical total in fees and penalties deeper into the four-figure range. According to local media, St. Petersburg is the first major city in the Tampa Bay area to enact such a fine. The only other municipality in the region to have such an ordinance at present is Port Richey.


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