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Nine Florida Football Players Accused of Credit Card Fraud


Several members of the University of Florida football team are facing dozens of charges of credit card fraud after authorities say they used others’ credit cards to add thousands of dollars to their bookstore debit accounts.

According to the State Attorney’s Office, Antonio Callaway, Jordan Scarlett, Rick Wells, Jordan Smith, Ventrell Miller, James Houston, Richerd Desir-Jones, Keivonnis Davis, and Kadeem Telfort used credit accounts that did not belong to them to add up to several thousands of dollars to debit accounts to pay for items from the campus bookstore, transportation and parking fees, among other items. Investigators allege that the goods purchased at the bookstore included electronics which, they allege, the players then sold to a third party.

In addition to allegations that the players used stolen credit card numbers on campus, one player is also expected to be charged by Gainesville Police for allegedly using stolen credit card accounts to pay rent at an off-campus apartment complex.

Also accused of credit card fraud by authorities is Sarita Francis, Jordan Scarlett’s girlfriend. Authorities say a portion of the allegedly stolen funds were deposited into her bank account.

All nine players have been suspended indefinitely from participating in team activities. A decision by the State Attorney’s Office regarding the filing of formal charges is still pending at the time of this writing.

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