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With Hurricane Irma Out of the Way, Murder Trial of Citrus County Man Goes Forward


Postponed for several weeks on account of Labor Day and Hurricane Irma, the murder trial of a man accused of the killing of a police informant is scheduled to begin this week.

Citrus County authorities say that Curtis Marco Wilson was involved with two other men in the premeditated killing of confidential informant Jamie Seeger in the summer of 2012.

According to investigators, the 27-year-old Seeger was killed on June 25, 2012 while seated behind the steering wheel of her car. Citrus County prosecutors say Seeger was one of three men involved in her murder, along with Lawrence Vickers and Marrio Williams.

Authorities allege that the 50-year-old Vickers and the 32-year-old Williams both sold cocaine to Seeger while she was acting as an informant for the sheriff’s department. They say the men hired Wilson to kill Seeger in an effort at silencing her prior to her scheduled testimony against them.

So far Citrus County jurors found Williams guilty at the end of his trial last November. Though ordinarily eligible for the death penalty, the court found that he possessed a mental disability that prevented such a sentence. Williams was sentenced to life in prison instead.

Vickers pled guilty to first-degree murder last month. Although a sentencing date has not yet been set, Vickers will not be sentenced to more than thirty years due to his guilty pleading.

Should jurors find Wilson guilty, he is eligible to be given a sentence of death at the hands of the state of Florida.

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