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Trio of Palm Beach County Teens Facing Murder Charges in Connection with MMA Pro’s Death


Three Palm Beach County teens will be tried as adults on allegations that they are responsible for the murder of a professional mixed martial artist.

Eighteen year olds Roberto Ortiz and Jace Swinton joined 16-year-old Summer Church in the Palm Beach County Jail as detectives say the trio conspired to murder 25-year-old Aaron Rajman on July 3.

According to investigators’ comments the day after the homicide, several men broke into Rajman’s home and an argument ensued. At least one shot was fired, they say, and Rajman expired before emergency personnel could respond.

Though the state’s attorney is not suggesting a motive to the crime, he has gone on record in local media that he believes the shooting was not random.

Investigators began their search by questioning Church, who they say is the owner of the last phone number Rajman contacted prior to his death. Church is Swinton’s girlfriend and, according to her mother, has cooperated fully with investigators.

Detectives have remained tight-lipped otherwise regarding the events of that night, but Church’s mother has not, telling local media that the state’s attorney is assuming she is the mastermind of the entire plan despite significant evidence to the contrary. According to Judi Church, Summer was forced by Ortiz and Swinton to call Rajman and did not orchestrate the alleged murder.

All three individuals were booked into the Main Detention Center of the Palm Beach County Jail, and all three were indicted on charges of first-degree murder and two counts each of home invasion with a firearm. The trio are all being held without bond until their trials.

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