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Defense of a Woman Claimed as Rationale for Alleged Shooting Death in Lutz


A Lutz man arrested on suspicion of shooting to death another man allegedly told detectives that he did so to protect a woman the now-dead man had been abusing.

Hillsborough deputies responded to a report of a wounded man Thursday afternoon near the home of Joshua Nelson Curry. Upon their arrival, deputies found Joshua McCray suffering from injuries to his head and chest. The injuries proved to be mortal, and the 27-year-old McCray succumbed to them about twenty minutes after the initial call was placed.

Deputies reported that they happened upon Curry and two female witnesses shortly after their arrival. According to responding officers, both Curry and one of the female witnesses claimed responsibility for the shooting. The female witness also told deputies she was suffering from anxiety and was subsequently transported to Florida Hospital to address the issue.

Curry was interviewed by investigators later that evening. He allegedly told them that one of the female witnesses fled to his apartment claiming to need protection. Curry said she asked him to borrow his firearm, which he says he lent her.

Detectives say Curry continued by telling them that he telephoned the woman shortly afterwards and heard the sound of a struggle. They say he then told them that he went to the woman’s residence and discovered McCray battering her which, according to Curry, was a regular occurrence.

Seeking to end the episode, Curry allegedly told detectives that he produced a telescoping baton and engaged the larger man. The alleged mêlée progressed from the woman’s residence into the breezeway, he is quoted as telling investigators, and Curry’s firearm soon entered the mix. Curry allegedly told investigators that he picked up the firearm and loaded it, causing McCray to flee. Investigators say Curry told them he fired a round in McCray’s direction, but only intended to frighten McCray into avoiding the woman in the future.

However, investigators say that the round Curry allegedly admitted to firing at McCray did far more than frightening him. According to the coroner, McCray sustained a gunshot wound to the back in addition to blunt-force injuries to his head.

Curry was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail early the next morning. The warehouse worker was charged with a single count of manslaughter with a weapon and was released that evening after posting a $15,000 bond.

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