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St. Pete Man Charged with Murder After Domestic Dispute and Day-Long Police Search


Authorities say a domestic dispute led to murder last Tuesday, requiring the services of the sheriff department’s tactical team to aid in the search that led to his ultimate apprehension.

Officers of the St. Petersburg Police did not describe the nature of the dispute they say Joshua Dontae Thompson became involved in with his girlfriend Melinda Soria. They do say, however, that the 27-year-old man shot to death the 35-year-old woman while she stood in the doorway of her home in Thirteenth Street Heights in the post-dawn hours of July 18. First responders arrived shortly after the fatal shots were fired, but they say Thompson had already fled the scene.

Pinellas County law enforcement then embarked on a day-long search of the area. Though armed, a police spokesperson advised the neighborhood that they did not consider Thompson particularly dangerous to those not attempting to apprehend him.

However, police did not assume him to be nearly as benign in his intentions towards them. With much of the neighborhood sealed by yellow police tape, the county’s SWAT team searched a residence at which he was known to frequent, but without success. Armored police vehicles and ordinary police cruisers criss-crossed the neighborhood until dark while foot patrols searched nooks and crannies for the still-at-large Thompson. He was finally found around nine o’clock that evening at a residence several blocks away.

Thompson was booked into the Pinellas County Jail two hours later on a count of attempted first-degree murder, misdemeanor cannabis possession, and second-degree murder. He is likely to remain in jail until trial, as he is currently being held there without bond.

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