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Multitude of Drug Charges for Spring Hill Couple Nabbed in Weeks-Long Investigation


A lengthy investigation by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office culminated on Tuesday with the arrest of a Spring Hill couple they say were in possession of substantial amounts of illicit drugs.

Investigators allege that Devan Diandre Bristol and Jasmine Deon Delaine were dealing significant amounts of cannabis, cocaine, crack, MDMA (ecstasy), and codeine from their home. Saying that their typical customer was other, lower-level dealers, Bristol and Delaine are accused of having a significant customer base.

According to deputies, the duo sold cocaine to undercover officers on several occasions since their investigation began in May. They say Bristol generally sold his wares out in the open, often choosing parking lots of nearby businesses as a venue for conducting his own transactions. Deputies also say the pair had recently replenished their stocks, counting themselves fortunate to conduct the bust when they were allegedly so well provisioned.

Upon arrest the pair allegedly had in the rented house 24 pounds of cannabis, a kilogram of cocaine, almost 300 grams of crack, four MDMA pills, and 128 ounces of what they suspect to be codeine. Also allegedly found at the property was a .380 pistol and items deputies contend are used in the manufacture of crack and the sale of illicit drugs. In addition, deputies cataloged over $35,000 in cash and a luxury SUV they say was purchased with proceeds from the alleged drug operation.

Bristol was booked into the Hernando County Jail on a multitude of charges related to the sale of illegal drugs. As he has previously served time in prison for drug-related crimes, he was also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. He remains incarcerated in lieu of a $253,000 bond. Delaine was booked into the same jail on one count each of trafficking cocaine, possession of illegal drugs in the presence of a minor, possession of cannabis with an intent to sell, and possession of drug equipment. Her bail was set at $116,000, which she has yet to post.

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