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False Positive Test for Cocaine Costs Oveido Man Ninety Days in Jail


An Oveido man languished in jail for ninety days after a roadside drug test returned a false positive on powdered drywall.

Oveido police officers stopped Karlos Cashe in March, accusing him of driving his vehicle without its lights on. The 57-year-old handyman apologized to the officers who stopped him, and answered in the negative when they asked him if he had any contraband in his vehicle.

However, when the officers on the scene discovered a white, powdery substance they began to inquire further. Cashe explained to the officers that the substance was drywall, but a K-9 unit called to the scene indicated the presence of drugs, and the field test for cocaine returned a positive result. In addition, a background check run by the department during the stop identified Cashe as being on probation due to a conviction on drug charges two years ago.

As Cashe was then on probation, bond was denied while the proceedings against him went forward, including further testing upon the misidentified drywall. A portion of the drywall was forwarded to a FLDE lab for testing, with negative results returning in mid-May.

But a negative test on the drywall did not free Cashe, and he spent another month in the Seminole County Jail before finally regaining his freedom a month later. Cashe, who chalks up the experience to racial profiling, is currently considering pursuing civil remedies against the department in order to regain three months of lost wages.

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