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Former FDOT Employee and Spouse Indicted on Federal Fraud Charges


A Lakeland husband-and-wife duo were indicted by a federal grand jury last week as they are alleged to have used her position at the Florida Department of Transportation to illegally funnel tax money into his own pockets.

Tracy Dean Tronco and her husband Alejo Tronco-Diaz were indicted on Friday on allegations by federal prosecutors that Tracy, while working for FDOT as its Transit Coordinator and Passenger Operations Specialist, approved of a loan package submitted by Alejo for funds ostensibly meant for Ministerio A Gran Voz De Trompeta Campus, Inc. The ministry was allegedly run by Alejo and purported to provide transportation services to the elderly and disabled, among other disadvantaged demographics.

Prosecutors indicate that the fifty-year-old Tracy failed to inform her superiors of her relationship with the 45-year-old Alejo, preventing another individual at FDOT from handling the application. Instead, prosecutors say Tracy authorized almost $400,000 in federal grant money to Alejo and others that was not spent for the intended purposes.

After an investigation conducted by the FBI and FDOT’s Office of Inspector General, Tracy accepted the offer to resign in lieu of firing in April of last year. Both Tracy and Alejo face one count of conspiracy to commit federal program theft, one count of mail fraud, and two counts of federal program theft. Each could be sentenced to forty-five years in federal prison without the possibility of parole.

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