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Unflattering Remarks About St. Pete Man’s Girlfriend Leads to Alleged Knife Attack, Felony Murder Charge


Disparaging comments made about a St. Petersburg man’s significant other by his coworkers allegedly led him to attempt murdering one of them. So say authorities about an altercation at a Treasure Island eatery that took place early last week.

Treasure Island Police say 35-year-old Christopher Thomas Diamond told one of their officers that he wished to slit the throats of his coworkers because of comments he says they made about her chastity.

According to the arrest report, Diamond was not provoked when he allegedly assaulted coworker Dylan Cook with a knife last Tuesday. Cook attempted to parry the blow with an empty hand, according to the police, but the effort was in vain. Diamond’s thrust sliced into Cook’s face, say authorities, and a second swing lodged the knife’s blade into Cook’s back, subsequently separating from its handle.

Police further allege that Diamond fled arrest after the incident. They say officers eventually caught up with him as he took refuge in his girlfriend’s yard.

Cook told Treasure Island Police that the alleged attack was not the pair’s first physical altercation. He said Diamond grabbed him by the throat a few weeks prior, but Cook chose not to report the incident to authorities.

Diamond was booked into Pinellas County Jail early the next morning, charged with a single count of attempted felony murder. At the time of this writing he was being held in lieu of a $250,000 bond.

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