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PCSO Detention Deputy Terminated After DUI Arrest


A Pasco County detention deputy was terminated after being arrested for DUI last week.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers allege that Katrina Pereira approached the scene of a fatal car accident at the intersection of U.S. 19 and Hudson Avenue in her vehicle at a high rate of speed early last Monday morning. Troopers say she ignored roadblocks established on U.S. 19 at the scene, continuing on through the blockade, striking a pair of orange cones, and causing a trooper on the scene to step out of the path of her vehicle.

The 26-year-old Pereira allegedly told officers on the scene that she did not see them. She then allegedly parked her car within the crime-scene area despite orders the officers gave her not to move her vehicle.

Troopers alleged that Pereira walked unsteadily upon exiting her vehicle. She performed a field sobriety test conducted on the scene and was arrested shortly thereafter. Subsequent blood-alcohol tests allegedly returned results showing levels of 0.162% and 0.168%, both of which were over twice the Florida standard for implied impairment.

Pereira currently faces charges of driving under the influence. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office terminated her employment upon her release from jail. Booking details were not publicly available at the time of this writing.

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