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First-Degree Murder Charges Filed Against Tampa Man After Allegedly Boasting of Twin Killing During Hold-Up of Smoke Shop


A Tampa Palms eighteen-year-old is being held without bond after allegedly leading police detectives to the bodies of two murdered men he earlier claimed to have killed during a hold-up at a nearby smoke shop.

Devon Shaun Ryan “Khalid” Arthurs first came to the attention of the Tampa Police Department when they were alerted that he was allegedly brandishing a firearm at a smoke shop just yards from his home. Customers at the shop first reported his behavior at half past five last Friday, telling police that the armed man entered and prevented them from leaving the establishment.

According to witnesses, Arthurs didn’t aim the firearm at anyone, but he is alleged to have demanded that the store’s employee and two customers who were present lie down on the floor. They continued by saying that Arthurs told them a tale of global corruption, then said that he “blasted” the heads of unidentified parties. His declared motivation, according to the witnesses, was to gain publicity and appear on cable news.

Upon his arrest a short time later Arthurs, who turned eighteen in mid-March this year, allegedly told the arresting officers of the murders he claimed to have committed. Arthurs led them to his home where they say they discovered two deceased men who appeared to have met their fates by way of a gunshot wound to the head.

Professional bomb diffusers and hazardous material handlers from Tampa’s police and firefighting forces worked for several hours at the residence to determine if explosives or other harmful substances were present within before crime-scene investigators were allowed to process the site. A spokesman from TPD who spoke shortly after the event was unsure whether the bomb and hazmat search yielded anything significant.

Arthurs remains held without bond within the Hillsborough County Jail on two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault, and three counts of armed kidnapping.

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