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Largo Man Accused of Murder in Fight Over a Woman


A nineteen-year-old Largo man is in custody after police say that he shot and killed another man on New Year’s Eve in an altercation over a female with whom he had a romantic relationship.

Jared Tyler Compton is facing first-degree murder charges due to allegedly confronting Quade M. Gifford, a twenty-four-year-old man also from Largo late on New Year’s Eve, at Gifford’s home on Rosery Road NW. Police say that Compton approached the residence in a Halloween mask and carrying a Beretta .32-caliber firearm. A fight ensued, they say, and Compton allegedly fired several rounds at Gifford as he attempted to rise from the ground. They say the last shot struck him in the back of his head, leading to his death twenty-six minutes before the end of 2016.

Authorities further allege that Compton retreated to the home of a friend, admitting his actions to the friend and torching his clothing. Detectives tracked him down on New Year’s Day and booked him into the Pinellas County Jail at six o’clock that evening. He is being held without bail.

Gifford’s family will be holding a visitation and funeral on Saturday, January 14.

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