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Anonymous Tip Leads to Arrest in 2015 Tampa Murder


Tampa police say they have apprehended the man responsible for the first murder of 2015. According to the police, the arrest is the result of an anonymous tip.

Reginald Cortez Bowman IV of Tampa was apprehended just before two o’clock on Wednesday by officers of the Tampa Police Department. They say the twenty-one-year-old sandwich delivery person is responsible for the January 5, 2015 slaying of Lyfe Coleman.

Authorities say that Coleman was in his family’s residence near Robles Park when he was fatally shot twice. Police considered Bowman a suspect from the start of the investigation, interviewing him after they say they discovered headwear at the scene with his DNA on it. At the time they say Bowman denied involvement with the case, saying that he had not had any contact with Coleman for two years.

Police say they returned to Bowman after an anonymous tipster told them to interview an unidentified teenager about the murder. According to them the teen said first that he was only marginally acquainted with Bowman. However, they say in a subsequent interview the teen said that Bowman discussed a robbery he was planning. A second tipster came forward, they say, alleging that Coleman was going to be robbed in the course of purchasing a firearm.

Detectives say that the tip was backed up with cell phone logs indicating that Coleman had communicated with another regarding the purchase of a firearm. They allege that the communications they found returned their focus to Bowman.

Bowman was arrested at his employer’s place of business on Wednesday and booked into the Hillsborough County Jail later that evening. He remains in their custody on $251,000 bond and is facing charges of possessing less than twenty grams of cannabis, possessing drug paraphernalia, and second-degree felony murder with a firearm.

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