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Sarasota Parents Accused of Selling Cocaine with Children in Vehicle


A mother and father from Sarasota County are residing in the county jail on charges of selling cocaine and child neglect. The duo is being held without bond.

According to deputies, Destiny Dexter, 26, and Reginald Frazier, 29, both of Sarasota, sold undercover detectives cocaine on four separate occasions. The most recent transaction allegedly occurred at the corner of Brink Avenue and 17th Street, a few blocks east of N Tuttle Avenue, where, according to the detectives, the pair sold detectives two grams of crack cocaine for $400.

Detectives went on to allege that on each of the four occasions, at least two minors were with Dexter and Frazier when they met with the undercover detectives. At the time of their arrest they allegedly had four children under the age of 5 in the back seat of their car.

Dexter and Frazier each now face two counts of sale of a Schedule II controlled substance and two counts of child neglect without great bodily harm. They will be arraigned on these charges on August 19th. Neither local media nor Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department’s press release indicate how many children the couple have, nor who has custody of the children while their parents are in custody.

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