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Orlando Man Facing Trial on Charges of Piloting Plane While Drunk


An Orlando man is facing trial for allegedly taxiing his airplane into a shed in Melbourne last year while his son was sitting in the passenger seat.

The State Attorney’s Office said that a status conference would be held on Monday for Christopher Hall, who is facing charges of operating an aircraft under the influence of alcohol and neglect of a child without great bodily harm. Hall has been out on $4,000 bond since shortly after the incident.

Hall allegedly piloted his Cessna Skymaster into a structure near the runway on May 27, 2015. According to flight controllers, Hall’s flight plan to Dayton, Ohio had expired and his speech was slurred. When controllers instructed him to return to his hangar, but Hall disregarded the order.

After Hall had finally stopped the aircraft, Melbourne Airport Police say they found a 375 milliliter (12.6 oz) half-empty bottle of cognac, an open bottle that smelled of liquor, and an unopened bottle of wine. Arresting officers say that they noted the smell of alcohol on his breath as well, and that his eyes appeared bloodshot and his speech slurred. Hall refused a Breathalyzer test and chose not to perform a roadside sobriety test upon his apprehension.

According to the report, the Florida Department of Children and Families was notified of the situation by the airport police. A family friend took the boy home from the airport after the incident. He left the scene unharmed.

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