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Clearwater Man Charged with DUI with Child in Car

Salvador Rojo Medina was charged this weekend in Clearwater with driving while intoxicated. Clearwater police first alerted to Rojo Medina’s car when he reportedly threw a beer can out the window of his truck window while driving eastbound on Sunset Point Road approaching King’s Highway at about 10:30 p.m.

The officer then pulled over Rojo Medina’s 2002 Ford F150. In an arrest affidavit, the officer wrote he could “smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage” emanating from Rojo Medina’s breath. The officer also reported that he spotted cocaine (or what he believed to be cocaine) on the center console. A child was sitting in the backseat.

Police arrested Rojo Medina on several charges, including driving under the influence, child abuse, driving on a suspended or revoked license and possession of a controlled substance. Local media reported that Rojo Medina has been cited in the past for license issues, including driving with one that was suspended or revoked and not having one at all.

Child abuse or neglect counts often appear when caregivers are found to be driving under the influence with children because of the caregiver’s duty to provide a child with the care, supervision, and services necessary to maintain the child’s physical and mental health. Under Florida law, neglect of a child may be based on repeated conduct or on a single incident that could reasonably be expected to result in serious physical injury, or a substantial risk of death, to a child (if that incident is a violation of a caregiver’s duty to provide adequate care to maintain the child’s health). Child neglect charges are categorized as third-degree felonies under Florida law.


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