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St. Petersburg Man Charged with Selling Marijuana to High School Students

Officers with the St. Petersburg Police street crimes unit arrested Lemon James Lane this week after receiving a tip that he was dealing marijuana to students at Boca Ciega High School. According to law enforcement, students were leaving during the school’s lunch break and walking less than a mile to Lane’s apartment to buy the marijuana.

Police ran surveillance on Lane’s apartment Thursday morning. Shortly after 11 am, a Boca Ciega student allegedly came to the apartment and spoke with Lane. He left shortly thereafter. Officers detained the student and found a small amount of marijuana on him, police said.

St. Petersburg police later returned to Lane’s apartment and arrested him. In the apartment, they reportedly found a small amount of marijuana packaged for sale. Lane was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell, among other charges. The student was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

According to Pinellas County jail records, Lane has three previous arrests in the county for drug-related charges.

Under Florida’s drug statutes, any person who knowingly sells, purchases, manufactures, delivers, or possesses with the intent to sell marijuana faces a third-degree felony. If Lane’s apartment was within 1,000 feet of the school (or any elementary, middle or high school for that matter), he may face an enhanced charge, a second-degree felony.

Because of the seriousness of these types of drug charges, it is very important to talk with an experienced Florida drug defense attorney if you face possession with intent to sell or trafficking charges in the Tampa Bay area.


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