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Bond Denied for Two Men Charged in Pinellas Murders

Brothers Isidro and Carlos Jones were denied bond in a newly filed murder charge against them in Pinellas County Circuit Court. The brothers are charged with killing Zorana Lebedic in Clearwater back in September as she rode her bicycle home from a class. The Joneses were already being held on second-degree murder charges in the deaths of Peter Rakowski and Colbert Collins. Rakowski and Collins were shot and killed in Clearwater’s Cherry Harris Park on October 15.

Police say that Jones met Rakowski, who was from New York, in Tampa on October 15th and drove to the park where they came into contact with Collins. Words were exchanged and, according to police affidavits, Carlos Jones shot both men at about 4:43 a.m. They later died of their wounds. There has been no public suggestion as to what the Jones brothers, Rakowski and Collins were doing at the park or what they may have argued about.

Deputies determined that the same gun used to kill Rakowski and Collins was also used to kill Lebedic several weeks earlier. Presumably, prosecutors waited until ballistics testing was complete before filing charges in the September shooting.

Carlos Jones was arrested later in the day on October 15. Isidro Jones was not arrested until October 26.

Though the homicides occurred fairly close in time to one another, they will not be tried in the same trial. It is also likely that the brothers will seek separate trials, especially as only one is accused of the actual shooting. There could potentially be four different trials arising out of these three deaths, assuming that the case is not resolved prior to trial by dismissal or plea agreement.


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