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New Port Richey Man Arrested for DUI After Swimming Away From Crash

Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 18-year-old William James Osborn of New Port Richey for DUIafter a Thanksgiving morning crash in Gulf Harbors. Officers say Osborn was street racing while intoxicated. They allege he was racing another car on Floramar Terrace at speeds over 100mph when he crashed. According to the arrest report, Osborn flipped his Ford Taurus while trying to make a sharp left turn.

When law enforcement arrived on the scene, Osborn jumped into a canal and swam about 100 yards before officers caught up with him. The report indicates that he admitted drinking liquor. He also admitted using synthetic marijuana known as K2.

He was charged with DUI and released from the Pasco County jail on his own recognizance.

K2 is the common name for synthetic cannabinoids. Synthetic cannabinoids were classified earlier this year as a “Schedule I” hallucinogen in Florida. Osborn is not charged with possession of K2 as he only admitted having used it prior to the crash. The sale, possession, manufacture or delivery of synthetic cannabinoids or K2 would have been a third degree felony unless the possession is of less than 2 grams, in which case it would be a first degree misdemeanor.

No word yet on whether Osborn provided a breath or blood sample to deputies in order to determine his blood alcohol level. If his blood alcohol level is lower than 0.08 (the level for legal presumption of alcohol intoxication in Florida), the prosecution could still pursue DUI charges due to the K2. The intoxication element of DUI can be as the result of controlled substances as well as alcohol.


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