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Ditullio Murder Trial Rescheduled for December

A Pasco County judge this week rescheduled the murder trial of John Ditullio Jr. (who is represented by the Law Offices of Bjorn Brunvand) for December 6th. Ditullio faces first-degree murder and attempted murder charges related to the March 2006 stabbings of Kristofer King and Patricia Wells. King later died of his wounds.

Ditullio faces a possible death sentence if a jury finds him guilty of first-degree murder. The trial is expected to last as long as three weeks. It will be the second time that the case is tried to a jury. Back in December, 2009, a jury listed to evidence and testimony in the case but could not reach a unanimous verdict after deliberating for almost 10 hours. They deadlocked at a 10 to 2 vote in favor of a not guilty verdict.

The case was set for another trial this week but was delayed by the judge at the request of Ditullio’s defense attorney, the principal of this firm, Bjorn Brunvand. Brunvand’s request for continuance came after prosecutors listed a new witness, convicted felon Kraig Constantino.

Constantino did not testify at the first trial and the defense needs time to investigate his anticipated testimony as well as his criminal history and any agreements he may have made with the state relating to his testimony.

Constantino is expected to testify that Ditullio made admissions to him about the stabbings while the two were inmates in the Land O’ Lakes Jail.

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