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DNA Derails Trial in Teen’s Slaying

His attorneys, William Bennett and Bjorn Brunvand, constructed a defense around the theory that [Phillup Alan Partin]’s longtime friend Fred Kaufman killed the teenager. Partin and his daughter Patrisha were living with Kaufman at his Port Richey home at the time of Ashbrook’s death.

“I’m convinced that the efforts at remedying the situation have been exhausted,” he said in ruling. “They have not been successful, and I’m convinced the situation cannot be remedied in a timely matter by declaring another lengthy recess; therefore I’m compelled to grant the motion for mistrial.”

Prosecutors also tied Partin to [Joshan Ashbrook] using DNA, surveillance video and eyewitness testimony. But the evidence is circumstantial, proving Partin and Ashbrook were together on July 31, 2002, but not necessarily showing that Partin is responsible for her death.

Tampa Tribune – Tampa, Fla.

Author: Todd Leskanic


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