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Willengy W. Ramos

Willengy W. Ramos


Clearwater, FL





Willengy W. Ramos

Willengy W. Ramos is an experienced trial attorney who puts her clients first. Her client-centered approach to representation allows her to build trust with her clients by putting herself in their shoes.

Being accused of a crime can be overwhelming. Willengy has seen how an accusation-and all the consequences that come with it-can affect her clients and their families first-hand. She knows how invaluable it is for someone to have a trusted ally and advocate who will zealously defend them and protect their constitutional rights. Willengy strives to ensure her clients are aware of and understand all their rights and each of their options as they navigate the criminal justice system. As an experienced trial attorney and litigator, Willengy has the drive and skill to challenge the system on behalf her clients.

Willengy has dedicated her entire career to advocating for people in the criminal justice system. She graduated with honors from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After graduation, she went on to attend Stetson University College of Law. While in law school, Willengy was an active member of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) and competed as a member of BLSA's trial team in the Constance Baker Motley Mock Trial Competition. In addition, she gained real-world experience as a Certified Legal Intern in the Public Defender Clinic where she represented adults accused of misdemeanors, participating in jury trials with attorney supervision. Later, she participated in the Child Advocacy Clinic where she advocated for and defended children in the foster care system who were accused of delinquent acts. As a result of her efforts, Willengy earned the Paul Barnard Award for Clinic Excellence for her stellar performance in representing indigent clients.

Willengy's compassion and unparalleled skill in trial advocacy led her to the Office of the Public Defender for the 6th Judicial Circuit, where she honed her skills as an Assistant Public Defender. During her seven-year tenure, she fought for her clients in a multitude of trials and argued countless motions. She represented people in a wide array of cases ranging from misdemeanors and traffic offenses to First-Degree Murder. She has experience representing juveniles accused of serious felonies, she has experience representing individuals being involuntarily committed under the Baker Act, and she has experience representing adults accused of sex offenses. Willengy gives her clients a strong voice in the courtroom. Her zealous advocacy led to better outcomes for her clients.

In one notable case, Willengy represented a client accused of two counts of misdemeanor Battery. The client was adamant they acted in self-defense. The client wanted to proceed to trial. Willengy conducted vigorous cross examinations of both the accusers that bolstered the client's self-defense claim. A jury found the client not guilty of both counts. In another case, Willengy represented a young client accused of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). The client was driving home from a friend's house in their father's car when they were pulled over by the police. After a thorough cross-examination of the arresting officer and a closing argument that highlighted the client's lack of impairment, the jury returned a not guilty verdict. In Willengy's first felony case, a client was accused of Aggravated Battery. The client refused to accept the government's plea offer, electing to take their case to trial. A jury convicted them of a lesser-included offense. Willengy filed a notice of appeal, challenging one of the trial judge's rulings. On appeal, the Second District Court of Appeal sided with the defense. The case was reversed and remanded and Willengy's client walked out of prison. In a recent significant case, Willengy represented a client who was accused of two counts of Sexual Battery. The client had no prior criminal history and was a parent to a young child. They were facing up to sixty (60) years in prison and lifetime registration as a sex offender. From the very beginning, Willengy's client proclaimed their innocence and insisted on exercising their right to a jury trial. Willengy delivered a passionate closing argument that pointed out inconsistencies in the accuser's testimony. The client was acquitted on both counts.

Willengy brings valuable insight into the criminal justice system and a wealth of experience to the table. Her diligence, her tenacity, and her professionalism earned her a distinguished reputation among her clients, colleagues, and judges. She is also fluent in Spanish and is honored to assist her Spanish-speaking clients with their legal needs in their native language. Willengy considers it a privilege to help people in an often difficult and stressful time in their lives. She will ensure her clients are heard and supported every step of the way.